Strategy, Business Development & Project Management

"Time spent sharpening your axe is not wasted when cutting wood" - Old Chinese proverb.

Standing outside the box creates a different perspective.

Calcorp applies its considerable transactional and international experience to supporting companies seeking growth through the identification and development of new business opportunities. We look for the ‘white space,’ that area of opportunity that others may not have recognised.

We also look at turnaround opportunities where the business is capable of profit growth through implementing a strategy of operational improvements or stands to benefit from structural change within the industry they operate. We have a successful track record of working with management teams to create, implement and execute growth strategies.

Our team, uses leading edge technology and financial modelling capability to evaluate opportunities and projects across regional Australia, and in emerging markets. We also provide skill transfer and access to every business tool that support a sustainable business strategy.

We conduct full market and project assessments. We facilitate improved understanding of selected markets through strategic international alliances and partnerships. Our initiatives are focused on regions of expertise, Australia, China and specific market segments in Southern Africa.

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